The  scientific community acknowledges  that the study of psychological pathologies requires a redefinition of the epistemological paradigm. In fact, current systematic definitions are based on the opinions of clinicians and do not take into account psychopathological, neurobiological and psychotherapeutic knowledge. The result is a marked gap between clinical practice and scientific research that has serious consequences on the definition of treatment programs. To overcome the limits of current diagnostic methods, it is necessary to structure a systematic trans-disciplinary collaboration that can be adequately completed at the  annual conference of Phenomena.

In this first conference authors are invited to contribute theoretical works, founding their own study program. The proceedings will be published in an e-book.

It will be possible to present two types of works:

  1. Short, 15-minute reports (The text of the report should be 4 to 6 pages excluding tables and bibliography.

  2. Poster (70 x 100 cm).

The reports  (not the  posters) will be peer reviewed and those published in documents will be indexed by SCOPUS.

The languages ​​used during  the conference will be English and Italian. The works may be presented in both languages. The abstracts must  be written in English.

In order to participate in the conference, authors have to be enrolled in the association “Phenomena”.   The registration fee is 50 euros.