The PAN, Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, is a museum of contemporary art, located since March 2005,  in the historic Palazzo Carafa di Roccella in via dei Mille n. 60, in the heart of the city center.

In its over 6000 square meters, it offers spaces for exhibitions, consultation, services and tools for organizing events to studyf the works and protagonists of the languages  ​​and forms of contemporary art.

It is a  Cultural Center open to debate on the most current topics, through exhibitions, conferences, seminars, meetings, book presentations, film festivals and other events. The PAN aims at differentiating,  increasing and enhancing the cultural stimuli   offered to citizens and tourists, with the precise desire to be increasingly an  artistic / cultural pole of eclectic  interests, with a European hue.

It is divided into three plans of action   and proposals:

  1. the exploration of contemporary artistic production through exhibitions and exhibition events;

  2. the development of research, collection and treatment  of d contemporary documents and archives;

  3. the scheduling of workshops and art events, creating opportunities for knowledge and comparison of experiences and international artistic experiments.